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What We Offer

As your partner, we offer a complete virtual Desktop deployment and management services, including setup, support, performance optimization, and security.

Virtual Desktop

We offer end-to-end deployment services, helping you design, set up, and configure your Virtual Desktop environment according to your unique requirements. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud and optimize performance.

Azure Lab services deployment

We offer Azure lab services deployment which are virtual tabs for hands-on learning, training, and development of specialist labs such as software development, Digital Forensic, Cyber security and various scripting/operating systems.


We will handle the ongoing management and maintenance of your Azure labs and Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure, including monitoring, patching, and troubleshooting. We ensure that your environment is secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best.

User Support

Our support team is available to provide technical assistance and resolve any issues that may arise. We offer comprehensive user support, ensuring that your students and employees can access their virtual desktops smoothly and efficiently.

Performance Optimization

We continuously monitor and optimize your Virtual Desktop environment to enhance performance and scalability. We analyze usage patterns, resource utilization, and user feedback to identify areas for improvement and implement the necessary adjustments.

Security and Compliance

We understand the importance of data security and compliance with industry regulations. Our Azure Virtual Desktop Managed Service includes robust security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and network segmentation, to safeguard your sensitive information.

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